About Elephants in Peril

We are seeing a huge surge in the illegal killing of elephants for ivory. Just as in past experience, this sudden poaching rush is fueled by a rapid increase in demand: a surge in prosperity in Asian markets, where ordinary people can suddenly afford to buy ivory.

Elephants are once again in peril, as the same pressures build.

We believe that what the poaching pressure we are seeing in Samburu is a microcosm of what is going on across Africa. Reports of illegal killings from across the continent tell a consistent and worrying story.

This site exists to collate resources about this crisis and make them easier to understand, link and share. Thanks to our Google mapping technologies, we can combine research in new visual ways, connect the dots, and tell the story of the forces threatening the future of African elephants.

We are in a race with the poachers; a race we have to win.

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